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Cloud computing, communications, data storage and management, Artificial Intelligence platforms, the Internet of Things (IoT), machine-to-machine networks — the advancement and steady convergence of these environments has forever changed the business landscape for OEMs. As 4G networks move into 5G, and beyond, so too must the infrastructure, devices and technologies upon which they operate.

Leading OEMs in Computing, Networking and Media are leaning more than ever on their design and manufacturing partners to help drive down costs, increase performance and reduce waste at all points in the lifecycle for these ever-advancing products. Creation Technologies remains a proven resource — equipped, efficient, evolved.

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Increase ROI and Reduce Waste with Creation Technologies EMS Solutions

“A Flexible and Proactive Partner

Creation is, by far, the most flexible and accommodating contract manager I’ve ever worked with. Whenever I have an issue that needs to be resolved, Creation bends over backward to help resolve it.”
Operations Manager 
Multinational Computing OEM

Decades of Experience in Hardware & Software Development, Manufacturing, and Fulfillment for Ruggedized and Sophisticated Computing Equipment

Look to Creation for the Solutions You Need

Creation Design Services Turnkey Product Development

Creation Express Services Rapid Prototyping

Expert NPI & Product Transfer to Global Business Units

24/7 Access to Critical Information

  • Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Quality and Test Data through Creation’s Vision Customer Portal
  • Shipment and Asset Tracking, Inventory Status, Component Alternate Visibility, Test Data and Yields

Lean Manufacturing & Test for Complex Communications Systems

Sustaining Engineering & Product Take-Back

Why Partner with Creation for Computing, Networking & Media?

Ultimate Supply Flexibility

Advanced Fulfillment & Configuration with Expert Design & Test

Computing, Networking and Media products can be tremendously complex, uniting a myriad of components and integrated modules that demand ideal compatibility and seamless interoperability. With smart sourcing models backed by Design for Supply Chain excellence, and solid relationships with diverse global supply base partners, many of Creation’s customers rely on us to act as their purchasing organization.

Creation Technologies has the technical know-how to manufacture, integrate and test complex and high-value PCBs and networking modules. We combine this expertise to create customized lean Configure-to-Order and Build-to-Order programs for large, electromechanical products.


  • Less time spent on materials management and more focus on mastering emerging markets
  • Greater economies of scale in material and component purchases worldwide
  • Centralized strategic sourcing and Design for Supply Chain
  • 24/7 visibility and accountability through Creation’s Vision Customer Portal
  • Tailored Product Supply to streamline your supply chain
  • Supply chain bottlenecks released and widened to satisfy your rapidly changing customer requirements

Expert Design & Engineering for Complex Systems

Global Solutions For Reducing Total Cost of Ownership

Creation Technologies provides a globally optimized, end-to-end, cloud-based outsourcing model that quickly adapts to fluctuating cost and market pressures. We work in lockstep with you to better understand the unique cost drivers and risk profiles that impact each of your product lines.

Creation Design Services can design your software and hardware, or provide supplemental design support for your busy engineering team. And with Creation Express Services, we will prove out your design in a production environment and provide your customers with reference designs.

Once you’re ready to launch, Creation’s expert Product Transfer team will transition your product to full-volume manufacturing in Mexico, China or any of our manufacturing locations around the globe.

The Results

  • Lightning-fast prototyping and NPI for faster speed-to-market
  • Product design in production environments to facilitate scaling
  • Optimized sourcing, manufacturing and distribution models
  • Quality, lean manufacturing, from board-level through full systems integration
  • Excellence in assembly, advanced test and forward- and reverse-logistics


ISO 13485:2016 Certification for Design Controls, Manufacturing, Documentation, & Quality Management System Standards
Standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 Certifications

FDA-Registered Facilities and Familiarity with End-Customer FDA Audits

Manufacturing Execution System Validated to 21 CFR Part 11

Class I, II and III Expertise and Regulatory Controls

PFMEAs, Verification and Validation Expertise

IPC RoHS Compliance and Environmental Compliance Services

IP Protection through Business Systems Validated for International Traffic in Arms (ITAR) Registration with US Department of State and Canadian Controlled Goods Directorate (CGD)


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