Creation Technologies is a Responsive, Global Provider of Transformative End-to-End Solutions for OEMs


Creation Technologies was founded in 1991 to help OEMs succeed in providing responsive, cost-effective and customized solutions to their customers in a changing and demanding technology landscape.

Creation Technologies Culture
Creation provides OEMs around the world with integrated EMS solutions that help you accelerate time-to-market, reduce operating costs and grow your revenue by delighting your customers.

We do this with expert design, manufacturing, supply chain, order fulfillment and after-market solutions.

And our team is committed to delivering the best solution to our customers, the first time, and every time.

Creation’s mission is to provide the solution of choice for OEMs who need a focused and responsive design and manufacturing partner for medium-volume, complex electronic products.

Our purpose is to enrich lives by sustaining strong profitable growth in an enjoyable and caring culture.

Our culture and business model enable us to be at our best in a constantly changing environment.  Ask us about it any time!  We’d love to tell you what it means to us, and more importantly, how we believe it helps us deliver the best solution possible.

Learn Why 200 OEMs Choose Creation as Their Partner

From Fortune 100s to Emerging Leaders, Creation Is Proud to Call 200 OEMs around the World Our Customers.

Creation Technologies Diverse OEM Markets
At Creation, our customers are at the heart of everything we do.
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Creation Technologies Award Winner
Award-Winning Team

Talented people – at all levels of the organization – who are driven by customer-focused thinking

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Corporate Social Responsiblility
Committed to CSR

Committed to improving the world around us and doing business ‘the right way’

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Making a Difference
Making a Difference

Working together to give back to our communities and neighbourhoods in which we live and work

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Creation Technologies Overall Winner
Creation in the News

Press coverage of Creation in the technology and business media spotlight

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Creation Technologies Fulfillment
Read How Entrepreneurship Enables Us to Think Outside the Box

Our Core Values

At Creation, our Core Values speak to who we are as individuals and to how we act as members of our business communities. 
The vision, boldness, and entrepreneurial spirit upon which Creation was founded is still core to Creation today.
As we continue to grow and evolve, it is our values that anchor us and remind us of what we are striving to achieve, and how we are in a unique position to make our customers successful.


Everyone at Creation Technologies has the opportunity to have meaningful ownership in the company. As owners we ask questions, get involved and make decisions that are in the best interests of our customers, suppliers, and Creation as a whole.

Being an entrepreneur also means recognizing our opportunities and opportunities for our customers, and capitalizing on them.



We do what we say we will do. Integrity is evidenced by our follow-through on actions—large and small—both as individuals and as a company, independent of whether or not the actions have high visibility.

Integrity means saying and doing what is right rather than what is easy.



Preparedness means that we care enough to do more than simply react. It means we anticipate future needs and potential problems and devise means of continuous improvement.

To be prepared we strive to understand the issues, plan responses, and ensure that the correct tools and resources are available to implement rapid solutions.



Respect requires that we seek first to understand and consider the opinions, views and emotions of others as we work together to grow our company and make our customers successful.

Respect requires us to listen more than talk.



At Creation Technologies, we have a culture where each of us is challenged to stand up and make a difference. We believe that there are great ideas throughout the organization and we seize our opportunities for Continuous Improvement.

Boldness means we tactfully state the truth rather than remain silent to avoid conflict.



Openness is the foundation for trust with our customers, suppliers and other partners as befits the long-term relationships we strive to build.

We share information and thoughts without hidden agendas or deception, because we know that an open environment leads to great ideas.


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