Get a Competitive Edge: Sustaining Engineering and Value Engineering Will Maximize Your ROI

Are You…
  • Facing supply chain challenges due to component obsolescence?
  • Trying to comply with Conflict Minerals or the EU’s RoHS Recast?
  • Upgrading a medical device and facing another Premarket Approval process?
  • Tired of dealing with field failures?
  • Trying to respond proactively to customer complaints?
  • Getting regular requests from Sales & Marketing for new features and capabilities for existing product lines?
  • Under pressure to increase your margins?
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Supercharge Every Stage of the Product Lifecycle with Value Engineering and Sustaining Engineering

Discover New Market Opportunities and Extend Your Product Lifecycle

Creation's Value Engineering Services

Quantifiable Benefits for OEMs

RoHS & Environmental Compliance
Redesign For Regulatory
Warranty & Repair Analysis
Improved Product Quality
Regulatory Compliance
Data Integrity
Product Lifecycle Analysis
Field Failure Root Cause Analysis
End-Of-Life Engineering
Reduced Test Times
Increased Brand Equity
Reduced ECOs
Design ‘Upgrades’
Electrical & Mechanical Efficiencies
PCB Re-Layout’
Supply Chain Sustainability
Reduced Prototype Cycles
Reduced Environmental Impact
Component Engineering
Reduced Life-Cycle Costs

Get Value At Critical Junctures

“Creation focuses on developing long-term relationships with their clients, providing value at critical junctures and pointing out where efficiencies and savings can be found.”

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Medical Device OEM Specializing in Neurotherapy and Neurodiagnostics

It’s Called “Value” Engineering For A Reason

Value Engineering and Sustaining Engineering offer OEMs a clear path to identifying new revenue streams from the point of commercialization.

But too often these are avenues left untapped, despite significant pressure on managers in engineering, materials, and operations to improve margins and reduce costs as they work to keep products in the field and customers happy.

Why? Leading OEMs must focus on new product development. With limited internal resources, value engineering and sustaining engineering can be overlooked since they don’t rank high on the innovation scale and generate the ‘wow’ factor that stakeholders have come to expect from technology leaders.

Experience that ‘wow’ factor in your profit margins instead. Smart OEM executives recognize that sustaining and value engineering will always maximize their return on investment.

Value Engineering Expertise
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Make Your Products Better, Stronger, And Faster To Market By Leveraging Creation’s Wealth Of Value Engineering And Sustaining Engineering Knowledge Gained From Decades Of Product Design And Manufacturing Savvy.

Design for Manufacturing


Design for Manufacturing enables OEMs to realize a greater profit and produce a better product by dramatically reducing the number of redesigns during a typical product launch, saving time and capital.

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Design for Test


Because of Creation’s decades of experience in manufacturing, our engineers have an in-depth understanding of the key constraints and opportunities for our customers when it comes to Design for Test.

Performing DFT reviews at each stage of the product design cycle, as well as at the point of NPI and manufacturing launch, will ensure your rapid time-to-market.

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Design for Supply Chain


Design for Supply Chain is more than just Design for Procurement.

Creation Technologies can help you optimize your costs by aligning your sourcing strategy and your business strategy with Creation’s Global Materials Sourcing, Design for Supply Chain and Design for Procurement.

Design for Supply Chain
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Design for Environment


Get the reliability, expert environmental design, and strategic sourcing guidance you need from Creation Technologies to ensure sustainability and profitability.

Design for Environment
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Design for Excellence

DFX, & Turnkey Product Design and Development

Work with leaders in experience and innovation and engage the Creation Design Services team for any design and development project…big or small.

Our agile and flexible solutions can support your development needs and bolster your team’s resources at any point in the design cycle.

Design for Excellence
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Creation’s Uniquely Integrated Engineering Expertise: Insight Across Product Development, Manufacturing And Supply Chain

Reduce costs, ensure continuity of supply, and plan for end-of-life with engineering insight from one integrated team.

Only Creation Technologies offers OEMs the blended expertise and personalized perspective that come from integrated full-scale product design services AND customer-focused manufacturing services for complex product and supply chain requirements.

Imagine… Supply chain, degreed design engineering, product engineering, manufacturing engineering, test engineering, quality engineering, and program management all at the same table, focused on Continuous Improvement for your products.

In the Creation model, this expert team is the same dedicated resource that works together on a daily basis to optimize and produce your products at maximum value to you. Silos? Not here.

Sustaining Engineering
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