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Get to Market Faster with Expert Rapid Prototyping from Creation Express Services

Creation Express Services: Rapid Prototyping And Swift Validation For Your New Products

There are increasing pressures on OEMs to identify all viable options to reduce time-to-market and launch a successful product. Rapid prototyping can be very effective at compressing the entire development cycle by eliminating costly design mistakes and feature redundancies early in the process.

Giving your stakeholders the ability to evaluate fabricated engineering prototypes can be invaluable. In addition to engineering, a hands-on evaluation gives marketing, procurement and manufacturing teams the ability to correct mistakes before they become expensive and significant.

This proactive approach to product development cuts cost, reduces frustration and promotes collaboration and design-thinking.

Value from Beginning to End

“Creation has outstanding value for us because you offer all the services we need from beginning to end: NPI to production, technical support, quality, etc. We believe in Creation as a partner and as a preferred supplier.”
Supply Chain Manager, Test, Measurement and Imaging Instrumentation OEM

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Creation’s Rapid Prototyping Capabilities for Even the Most Complex and Cutting-Edge Systems:

Quick-Turn Engineering Prototyping

  • Dedicated Teams and SMT Lines
  • Prototyping Center
  • SMT optimized for prototyping
  • Multiple Package Types & Sizes to 0201s
  • Processing of Cut Tape with Short Leaders (<5-10 Pockets)

Value Engineering and DFM

  • Concurrent engineering
  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM)
  • Other DFX and Value Engineering

Test Design and Development

  • Initial pilot and production builds and initial testing: flying probe, 5DX
  • Tooling, fixture and jig design and development

In-House Engineering and Supply Chain Expertise

  • Ability to produce quickly without significant documentation
  • Expert collaboration between in-house design, product, test and manufacturing engineering teams
  • Development of manufacturing quality plans, and documentation to assist in your regulatory compliance
  • Development of manufacturing processes using Lean methodologies

Sub-systems integration and initial system testing

Manufacturing Transfer
NPI Gateways and Manufacturing transfer to your business unit of choice

Supplemental Design Services and Support

  • Design Centers in Denver and Milwaukee for Additional Expertise
  • Design verification and validation
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rapid prototyping

Creation Express Services: Dedicated Prototyping Center In Colorado

All of Creation’s manufacturing business units around the world have excellent product, manufacturing and test engineering teams that are experts in NPI and manufacturing transfer.

And through our Design Centers in Denver and Milwaukee, we offer prototyping as a core function of turnkey product design.

But Creation Technologies also offers our customers Rapid Prototyping and swift validation as a standalone service through Creation Express Services.

Creation Express Services’ Rapid Prototyping Center has dedicated prototyping cells, equipment and expert personnel to ensure your products are engineered for success.

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