Direct Order Fulfillment

Be more responsive to your customers and minimize your costs.

Make Bottlenecks a Thing of the Past.

Order fulfillment programs require OEMs to cede control of some very complex programs to an EMS partner.

Because these programs have direct impact on your customers and their perception of your brand, you must have confidence that your EMS partner understands and has internalized your business challenges and objectives.

At Creation, we’ve worked hard to make strategic planning and solutions-creation two of our core strengths.

We’ll help you see the full benefit of order fulfillment by helping you identify your key constraints, devise solutions to bottlenecks and implement a successful plan based on your company’s actual requirements, not simply on an academic or theoretical model.

Direct Order Fulfillment Solutions that Add Value and Reduce Cost

“The overall value of working with Creation to support and manufacture our complex products is the primary reason we have expanded our business with you. Creation’s ability, and willingness, to add value by accommodating and fulfilling the detailed requirements that exist within our order fulfillment process is extraordinary. And we are able to reduce manufacturing costs at the same time.”
Director of Operations, Wireless Communications OEM Specializing in Industrial Automation & Networking

Provide advanced delivery solutions to your distributors and customers, reduce materials management and carrying costs, and quickly explore new markets.

DOF Programs at Each Stage of Production

Dedicated Manufacturing Cells

Test Expertise at All Stages

Software & Firmware Development

Lean Six Sigma CTO & BTO Models

Flexible Financial Models

PFEP & VMI Procurement Programs

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Vision Customer Portal Integration

Let Creation’s tailored, customer-focused model give you the confidence you need in your EMS provider to deliver better fulfillment solutions to your customers.

Flexible Model Tailored to Your Needs

Capitalize on Creation’s industry and regulatory expertise.
Get product-specific and scalable solutions that penetrate each of your target international markets.

Customized Order Fulfillment Programs for Every Stage of Production

  • Board-level manufacturing and module integration
  • Board, sub-systems and final test and test development, including functional and environmental test and burn-in
  • Programming, software customization and configuration
  • Custom packaging design, environmental and regulatory compliance

Configure-to-Order (CTO) and Build-to-Order (BTO) Models

  • Dedicated Order Fulfillment Production Cells
  • Identification of Constraints and Solutions-Planning
  • Direct Shipment to Distribution or to Your End-Customers
  • Customized Strategy based on Immediate Fulfillment Signals or Min/Max Levels
  • Integrated Logistics and Freight Carrier Management

Flexible Financial Models

  • Customer-Owned Inventory
  • Creation-Owned Inventory
  • Flexible Hybrid Models

In-House Test Design and Development
Including in-house test design and development of stations designed for scalability

Visibility and Effective Communication

  • Clear and Concise Communication, Processes and Analysis
  • Ongoing Strategic Planning through Regular Meetings and Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs)

24/7 Visibility across the Supply Chain

Capitalize on Creation’s in-house business systems expertise.
Get solutions that interface with your ERP and other systems, and also provide you with key quality and order management data from the Creation ERP and shop floor.

24/7 Access to Critical Information

  • Plan for Every Part (PFEP)
  • Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI)
  • Dedicated Procurement and Materials Specialists on your Customer-Focused Team
  • EDI and Automated Communication with Strategic Supply Base for Visibility of Constraints

Supply Chain

  • Electronic order processing & acknowledgement
  • Order management & WIP tracking
  • Open fulfillment backlog management & monitoring
  • Serial number traceability to your purchase orders through manufacturing execution system (MES) scanning application at time of final packing
  • Historical manufacturing data, including sub-level integration drill-down capabilities
  • Customizable & automated transactional reporting
  • Email notifications
  • Shipping and packing slip generation, including “replicated” packing slips

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