Tech Industrials

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A Variety of Highly Specialized Capabilities, Resources and Diagnostics for Tech Industrial Products, Infrastructure and Instrumentation OEMs.

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications have changed the game in the field of Tech Industrials — from the micro-level of device controls and sophisticated instrumentation straight up to complex macro-level integrated systems and infrastructure. The pressure to innovative and to extend service value across product lifecycles has never been greater.

At Creation, we understand the unique challenges our customers face, and we are committed to ingenuity, end-to-end, to help you differentiate your brands in your highly competitive fields, including…

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Industrial Controls & Instrumentation

For Delivering Excellence in the Design, Development, Production and Testing of Highly Specialized Process Control Systems and Devices.


Enable innovation, deploy scalable and profitable solutions to your customers, and decrease time to market.



Leverage your data and devices to create new value for your customers with optimized and scalable solutions.



Increase reliability, achieve optimal product utilization and react quickly to market needs to deliver innovative new products.



Improve product performance and reliability in the field, and increase agility while meeting regulatory requirements.


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