Proactive Supply Chain

Get proactive communication and a supply chain partner that you can count on.

Traditional supply chain models employed by many EMS providers focus on commodity-based vertical integration and procurement, creating siloed teams and information.

These traditional supply chains may drive component costs down, but OEMs sacrifice agility and time-to-market. Or they provide the necessary flexibility, but at the expense of an OEM’s cash flow, inventory turns or cost of goods sold.

Once a supply chain has been designed and the investment made, it’s extremely difficult and often cost-prohibitive to make impactful changes.

Perhaps worst of all, OEMs often find themselves managing their supply chains even after they’ve outsourced their manufacturing.

Creation's Vision Customer Portal Gives You Real-Time Supply Chain Intelligence

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OEMs Need Responsive, Intelligent Supply Chains That Provide Cost Competitiveness And Flexibility, Without Having To Add Significant Resources To Manage Them.

Proactive Supply Chain Management

End-To-End Visibility through Creation’s Vision Customer Portal

Optimized Total Cost of Ownership

Creation Technologies Steps Up Efforts to Reduce Supply Chain Risk

Creation Technologies’ VP of Global Procurement, Steve McEuen, and VP of Supply Chain and Operational Excellence, Charles Tonna, talk with James Carbone of Global Purchasing about how Creation is mitigating supply chain risks.

Have Confidence when You Commit to Your Customers

24/7 Customer Portal Gives You End-to-End Visibility

Creation’s Vision Customer Portal gives you visibility of material availability, cost implications and risk.

OEMs also get insight into what’s working and what isn’t, and can make informed supply chain decisions that will benefit your business.

A Proactive Supply Chain Partner

Work with a Proactive Supply Chain Partner: An Expert Team Designed for Your Success

Your proactive Customer-Focused Team makes a point of providing you with key information before you have to ask and it’s always at your fingertips through our Vision Customer Portal.

We use the insight from our supply base relationships, PLM tools, global market intelligence and custom business systems to provide you with scalable and efficient supply chain solutions.

Optimize Total Cost of Ownership

Optimize Your Total Cost of Ownership throughout the World…and throughout the Life of Your Product

OEMs choosing Creation Technologies for their outsourcing can provide more flexible and cost-effective delivery options to your customers that are optimized for each product line, marketplace and geography.