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Smart, efficient, end-to-end manufacturing capabilities.

Creation Technologies Medical Device Manufacturing Chicago

Manufacturing Services

Creation’s manufacturing facilities around the world have the infrastructure and expertise to help you rationalize your complex strategies and reduce capital investment.

At Creation, we believe that successful Manufacturing, Integration and Test for electronic products depends on a combination of high-quality standards, technology and market expertise, industry best-practices, and optimizing your products for volume production. Plus, Creation’s cross-functional Customer-Focused Teams take ownership of the end-to-end manufacturing process for each of your products, so you can focus your attention on product innovation and market development.

PCBA Manufacturing and Integration

With expert manufacturing capabilities, state-of-the-art equipment and industry-leading best practices, Creation delivers maximum efficiency and optimum product quality end-to-end.

Partner with a design-through-aftermarket EMS provider with broad expertise in current and emerging technology, with a foundation in electronic assembly, testing and supply chain management.

Supply Chain​

OEMs need responsive, intelligent supply chains that provide cost competitiveness and flexibility, without having to add significant resources to manage them.

At Creation, we use the insight from our supply base relationships, PLM tools, global market intelligence and custom business systems to provide you with scalable and efficient supply chain solutions.

Interconnect Solutions

From optimizing efficiency and scalability with design for manufacturing engineering, to sourcing wire and cable components from site-validated suppliers, Creation delivers the flexibility and dependability you need to maximize your product’s performance – solving challenges, minimizing risk and customizing interconnect solutions developed to meet your most stringent specifications.

Unparalleled Professionalism, Expertise & Flexibility

“I can’t say enough about the level of support offered by the GM, our Customer-Focused Team Leader and the rest of the team. Creation embodies professionalism, expertise and flexibility to a level I have not experienced in my dealings with other full-service contract manufacturers.”

– Director of Operations, Medical OEM Specializing in Wearable Technology

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