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With device-to-device communications at the center of so many emerging technologies today, lucrative markets are sprouting everywhere for Communications and Wireless OEMs. To capitalize on such exponential opportunity, companies must overcome many challenges, including new regulations, modernizing traditional mindsets and paradigms, and correcting inefficiencies in complex systems architecture and integration.

The answer: leveraging outsourcing partners who can help you increase ROI and brand value by helping you expand regulatory expertise in unfamiliar sectors, while optimizing your operations.

The source: Creation Technologies.

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Make Creation Technologies Your Choice EMS Solutions Partner

“You’ll Never Hear ‘It Can’t Be Done.’

The quality of work done is outstanding. The Creation team’s knowledge of our business gives me the confidence that the industry will not make a change without action being taken, i.e., ROHS compliance. The communication between our company and the Creation team is the best I have ever had. This communication allows for honest and open discussions, which provides a sense of security rarely seen in the workplace.”
Operations Manager 
Enterprise Telecommunications OEM

Hardworking, Leading-Edge Gear for Enterprise Communications, Wireless Telecommunications and Critical Communications Infrastructure

Look to Creation for the Solutions You Need

Creation Design Services Turnkey Product Development

Creation Express Services Rapid Prototyping

Expert NPI & Product Transfer to Global Business Units

24/7 Access to Critical Information

  • Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Quality and Test Data through Creation’s Vision Customer Portal
  • Shipment and Asset Tracking, Inventory Status, Component Alternate Visibility, Test Data and Yields

Lean Manufacturing & Test for Complex Communications Systems

Sustaining Engineering & Product Take-Back

Why Partner with Creation Tech for Communications & Wireless?

Flexible Inventory Models

Enabling On-Demand Delivery for Your Customers

Creation’s supply chain parallels the global-regional models of many telecommunications companies. This includes centralized sourcing, plus regional planning and procurement that executed in your business unit(s) of choice by your Customer-Focused Team. Such supply chain adaptability and Creation’s flexible manufacturing models position us to offer what we call Tailored Product Supply: Lean and Six Sigma-based customized fulfillment solutions for your delivery and after-market needs.

Many of Creation’s Communications customers today also rely on us for Direct Order Fulfillment solutions, streamlining their logistics and reducing their inventory costs and risk.


  • Optimized speed, flexibility, cost and inventory exposure
  • Greater innovation and enhanced service offerings
  • Tailored product supply

Speed-to-Market: Creation Express Services

Beat Your Competitors to Market

With deep engineering and supply chain knowhow, from rapid prototyping straight through to volume production, combined with lightning-fast response times, Creation helps you speed your innovations to market faster than your competition. Our knowledge in full product design, expert program management and our Creation Express Services Rapid Prototyping centers in San Jose and Chicago enable us to deliver the ultimate engineering support and rapid response for our customers.

The Results

  • Swift and scalable production of leading-edge processors and chipsets
  • Reliable ruggedization of products, due to our expertise in markets like Transportation, Utilities, and Defense and Security
  • Optimized design for supply chain, ensuring a fast, cost-effective and secure materials pipeline

Reliability for Highly Configurable Parts

Set the Bar in Your Marketplace for Reliable, Highly Configurable Products

For flexible yet reliable products and services that capture market share while optimizing operational costs, count on Creation Design Services and our advanced engineering capabilities to maximize the compatibility and scalability of your products. Our Lean product development approach allows you to “design in” more functionality and reliability, and “design out” time-and cost-intensive waste.

And, for Creation’s Communications customers, we specialize in test development for GPS, RF, and individual communications protocols. 

The Results

  • Agile and scalable design, development and production
  • Customized system configuration and module interoperability
  • Lower cost and technology acquisition through our extensive hardware and software expertise
  • Reliable board-level and full-system testing all in-house


ISO 13485:2016 Certification for Design Controls, Manufacturing, Documentation, & Quality Management System Standards
Standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 Certifications

FDA-Registered Facilities and Familiarity with End-Customer FDA Audits

Manufacturing Execution System Validated to 21 CFR Part 11

Class I, II and III Expertise and Regulatory Controls

PFMEAs, Verification and Validation Expertise

IPC RoHS Compliance and Environmental Compliance Services

IP Protection through Business Systems Validated for International Traffic in Arms (ITAR) Registration with US Department of State and Canadian Controlled Goods Directorate (CGD)


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