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If you were building a product development dream team, what would it look like?

Imagine You Had a Product Development Dream Team.

Say it had deep expertise across many engineering disciplines, top project management and communication skills, and engineers with a desire and ability to collaborate to your utmost advantage.

What could you achieve? Virtually anything!

Work with Creation’s engineering teams in our Design Centers in Denver and Milwaukee, and you’ll condense your product development cycles to get to market sooner and decrease your overall costs.

Boost the power of your engineering team and bolster your capabilities with Creation’s broad technical expertise.

Lightning-Fast NPI

Launch Your Innovative Products ahead of Your Competition.

Leverage Creation Express Services and our Rapid Prototyping Center, as well as our significant manufacturing transfer experience, to accelerate your time-to-volume.

With 7,000 product launches under our belts since 2009 alone, you’ll benefit from our proven manufacturing transfer process no matter what.

Choose to have Creation Design Services design your product, then have it launched and manufactured in any Creation business unit around the world.

You’ll experience seamless process integration and NPI that’s so lightning-fast you might say…

Design AND Manufacturing Expertise

Deliver the Right Product the First Time with Creation’s Core DFX and Manufacturing Expertise.

Unlike a standalone design services firm, at Creation, we’re not just design experts, we’re manufacturing experts, too.

Our business model is built on end-to-end solutions with manufacturing facilities around the globe.

You can count on our core DFX expertise to design products right out of the gate that are optimized for manufacturing, test and continuity of supply.

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Get an Advantage over the Competition

“Creation Design Services gives us an advantage over the competition through their depth of development solutions. With Creation addressing our product development functions, we are able to provide our OEM customers true original design engineering services, with 100% confidence that we will achieve the feature–benefit–value formula required by our project scope.”
CEO, Industrial OEM Specializing in Air Quality Solutions

Innovate with Us.

Electrical Engineering

Low & High Power, Wireless, High-Speed Digital, DSP, FPGA, Microprocessors

Firmware Engineering

Real-Time Embedded Systems, DSP, FPGA, Drivers, Protocol Development

Software Engineering

PC User Interfaces, Application Development, Simulators

Mechanical Engineering

Fluidics, Kinematics, Molded & Metal Parts, Thermal Analysis, CFD

Test Engineering

Verification, Regulatory & Environmental, System Integration, Functional, Scripting

Experts in Change and Configuration Management, the Engineers of Creation Design Services Have the Vision and Core Experience to Design, Validate and Manage the Complex and Interconnected Systems that Fuel Business Growth.

We know that choosing a design and development partner comes down to two things: how agile and how flexible can we be.

Like Creation’s overall business model, our lean product development process is flexible. And it’s proven to improve product quality, not sacrifice it, while providing you with increased agility.

Design Engineering Areas of Expertise

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