Dec 10 Workshop: Making the Transition from Design to Manufacturing

Tips for design engineers to make a successful transition from design to manufacturing
Tips for design engineers to make a successful transition from design to manufacturing

You wake up clammy, in a cold sweat.

Your heart is racing over 120BPM and you feel anxiety like you have never felt before.

It’s because of your dream.

This dream wasn’t the usual, where your teeth fell out, or your teenage self showed up at the wrong building for a final exam. No, this was much worse.

This time, you had a dream about your project. Your newly designed, much anticipated product that will change everything for your company.

In your dream, you were in a room with a big clock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. The hands were moving fast.

Every minute, a sales guy would come in and ask if you were done yet.

Each time you’d answer, “Not quite”.

Then a marketing person would arrive and ask you to make just a “little” change.

Every time you glanced at the clock, the hands were moving even faster.

Sales guy. Marketing.


Finally, at your wit’s end, you completed adding every ‘little’ change and tore out of the room. “I’ve done it! Here it is!”

You looked around. Your boss and the large team of people wearing clean, white suits looked back at you. “But how will we make it?” they asked, over and over in a slow, rhythmic chant.

That’s when you woke up.



It is now time to change the drenched sheets and sign up for ‘DFX and You: Making the Transition from Design to Manufacturing’.


Making the Transition from Design to Manufacturing

For even the most experienced designers, Product Development can be a real challenge.

Making sense of product requirements, satisfying all major stakeholders, and ensuring that the product is well-designed for commercial success are all critical processes.

As experienced designers and manufacturers, we can help.

Partnering with LifeScience Alley for a December 10th ‘DFX’ Workshop

On December 10th, Creation is partnering with LifeScience Alleyto host a workshop that will offer design engineers some key tips to ensure successful product development.

Sign up today for “DFX and You: Making the Transition from Design to Manufacturing”, at Hamline University Minneapolis.

Nate Bullerman, Engineering Leader in our St Peter, Minnesota business unit, and I will outline some of the standard design practices you should embrace to ensure a smooth transition to manufacturing – the first time, and every time.

We’ll also arm you with information that you can provide to your sales and marketing teams to optimize the process and ease your mind.

And did we mention that we’ll be giving attendees a pretty cool handout, ‘The Successful Engineer’s Guide to DFM Success’?

Hope to see you there!

Of course, if you’re interested but can’t make it, just let me know and I’d be more than happy to walk you through some of the material.

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