A “Best-Kept Secret” Enters the Spotlight

Creation Technologies Spotlighted on CBC's The Early Edition
Creation Technologies Spotlighted on CBC’s The Early Edition

When I came into the office this morning I was immediately approached by several people… Had I heard The Early Edition with Rick Cluff and Chris Carter this morning on my drive to work? Well no, I hadn’t.

Creation Technologies had been spotlighted!

I think I blinked a few times as I digested the news. Not because Creation isn’t worth the media attention! But as a “high tech-business story that’s one of BC’s best kept secrets” (Chris’s words), we don’t often find ourselves on the news.

Chris, a licensed Portfolio Manager with ScotiaMcLeod, is a fixture in Vancouver’s broadcast news media who provides daily business news and market updates for the CBC. (The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is Canada’s national public TV and radio broadcaster, around since 1936).

Turns out that Chris had interviewed our co-founder and current Chairman, Geoff Reed, a few weeks ago. Geoff’s description of the early days at Creation – a couple of guys buying a division of a larger struggling company, then losing the biggest customer on the first day – and then how Creation has grown to over $550 million with 3,000 people around the world 22 years later, piqued Chris’s interest.

Chris offers up one of the better short descriptions of the EMS Industry that I’ve heard. In under 5 minutes, he also talks about offshoring trends, small business ventures, how a culture of togetherness can enable success, and how the fear of paying back your inlaws can impact your life.

Take 5 minutes to listen to Chris’s peek inside Creation and the EMS industry, here:
Creation Technologies on CBC’s Early Edition

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