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WCS Project- SNJ CES Team Blog 2 Photo

Creation Ships First We Share Solar Units

Creation team members first heard about We Share Solar when Diana Ferrari, Director of Central Engineering at Creation Technologies learned about a suitcase building event at St Agnes of Assisi, where her daughter Julia attends school.  Diana couldn’t stop thinking about how to help this program as part of Creation’s Making a Difference initiative and […]

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Human hand winner sticks of pile of paper, victory over bureaucracy concept

Green Manufacturing: Signing off on Paperless

Advancements in technology has been eradicating the need for paper documentation for businesses across many industries. Going ‘green’ and ‘lean’ are clichés in their own right, but the changes have become more and more apparent in recent past. We have already seen the publishing industry make the plunge to predominantly digital. However, in the manufacturing […]

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