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Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Enables OEMs to Realize Greater Profit by Dramatically Reducing the Number of Re-Spins in a Typical Product Launch, Saving Time and Capital.

Effective DFM identifies and corrects the inefficiencies of a product as it moves through each of step in its manufacturing process.

Optimal DFM hinges on concurrent development of the product and its manufacturing process for maximum efficiency.

So the sooner you focus on DFM in the course of new product development and integrate it throughout the product lifecycle, the more you stand to gain.


500+ DFM assessments each year gives us a little insight.

As an OEM selling electronic products, prioritizing Design for Manufacturing (DFM) is one of the best things you can do to maximize your returns. Ensuring that your EMS partner has DFM and product lifecycle expertise is another.

Reliable and Fast DFM

“Creation Technologies provides very good NPI services: DFM review, fast Proto and Pilot builds, fast quote response time. Creation is a very dependable company and we have a trusting relationship.”

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We Help You Make the Best Decisions for Cost Reduction with DFM Opportunities Prioritized by Risk and Overall Value.

Get product-specific reporting of opportunities for improvement based on IPC-SM-782 & IPC 7351B, and best practices in lean manufacturing.
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Identification of Sub-Optimal PCB Layout
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Design Assessment of PCBA Process
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Mechanical Assembly Analysis
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Post-Build Quality Data Review
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Design for Fabrication & PCB Fab Analysis
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Assembly Visibility & Accuracy
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Design for Assembly & PCB Assembly Analysis
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Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) Analysis

Does Your Design Have the Average 6 IPC Violations?

Each year, we perform more than 500 comprehensive DFM assessments for our customers that yield immediate results. In those 500 assessments we see an average of 6 IPC violations per product.

We can help make sure your design doesn’t fall into this category.

Our software tools include proprietary Creation systems as well as Mentor Graphics’ Valor NPI, a tool that integrates printed circuit board (PCB) design and an extensive components library with manufacturing operations for a customized look at:

  • Design for Fabrication and PCB Fab Analysis
  • Assembly Visibility and Accuracy
  • Design for Assembly and PCB Assembly Analysis

Download Free DFM Guide

Our goal is to make it as easy for you as possible to see productivity gains.

Product Development can be a real challenge, even for the most experienced designers.

This insightful guide will show you what standard design practices to embrace to ensure a smooth transition to manufacturing.

Download ‘The Successful Engineer’s Guide to DFM’

Creation’s Proven Approach Delivers Gains in Productivity

Creation uses a standardized model for DFM that’s also tied to NPI and sustaining engineering. We work with you to develop a DFM strategy that addresses your key manufacturing challenges and delivers a product that is:

Our services are based on a combination of software tools and expert personal assessments by our DFM specialists, design engineers, and the product engineering and manufacturing engineering teams who will be building your product in our production facilities.

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