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Creation shares knowledge and resources with We Share Solar to provide engineering education for students

When Diana Ferrari, Director of Central Engineering at Creation Technologies learned about a We Share Solar suitcase building event at St Agnes of Assisi, where her daughter Julia attends school she came away with more than the excitement of seeing her daughter with a multimeter and wiring diagrams. We Share Solar organization teaches children practical […]

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VAVE Article Photo

How a VAVE Risk Mitigation Strategy Improves the Bottom Line

A VAVE analysis is considered a game changer to OEMs because of its potential for major cost reductions. VAVE is not about a quick fix to cut expenses. Good EMS providers can leverage VAVE to improve product quality and lower lifecycle risk. This focus on risk mitigation will translate into long-term savings and greater revenue […]

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lean development

Breaking Through Time-to-Market Barriers with Concurrent Engineering

How Does Your Product Development Cycle Stack Up? Did you know that Deere & Company reduced product development time for construction equipment by 60%, and IBM reduced direct costs in system assembly by 50%? And how did Fuji Xerox’s FX-3500 copier immediately capture 60% of the relevant domestic market? All are historical reference points to […]

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production floor

3 Keys to a Successful, Large-Scale Product Transfer

For OEMs, switching your manufacturing solution is not as simple as switching your cable provider. Whether you build in-house or are using a contract manufacturer (CM), transferring a family of products to a new facility or partner can be a very complex, time-consuming, and expensive process. With so many factors to consider – from cost […]

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How to Avoid Hidden Costs and Delays in the Product Design-to-Commercialization Cycle: Creation Technologies Technical Workshop at PCB West

Tips for Engineers to Avoid Hidden Development Costs and Delays

I have yet to meet an engineer who enjoys seeing costs pile up during the design and development process. And unexpected costs are definitely unwelcome visitors in the drive for product commercialization. If you’d like some new, actionable ideas for getting a new product to market quickly and without those unexpected, expensive guests, here’s a […]

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Creation Technologies Expert Software Design and Development

Software Development Outsourcing: A Smart Choice for Smart Device Design

Today’s electronic devices are incredibly complex. To fully appreciate just how complex, look beyond the advanced physical hardware and micro-circuitry to the sophisticated software layer that controls device functionality. This “command and control” layer comprises an average of one million lines of software code and puts the “Smart” in Smart Products. That much code represents […]

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Creation Technologies Dallas Electronics Manufacturing

Creation Goes Prime Time: Fox Business Channel Shoot

To say August 13th was a memorable day for the Creation Technologies Dallas Business Unit would be a huge understatement. It was a complete trifecta! 1. Had a chance to meet our local Congressman, Sam Johnson, and his staff 2. Visit from John Hasselmann, VP Government Relations for IPC who was visiting from Washington, DC […]

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Flux residue cleaning: miniaturization presents unique challenges

Free Technical Paper to Help You Verify the Elimination of Flux Residue

Over the course of my career, I’ve seen firsthand the impact that organizations like SMTA and IPC can have on the electronics industry. At Creation Technologies, we’re proud to be a long-standing member of SMTA and appreciate the work that it has done to establish standards, strengthen skills and further the success of its members. […]

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