Product Strategy

Is your great idea ready for the market?

New product development is a complex process, driven by extensive research and effective planning and communication.

Elegant engineering design is useless when end user requirements aren’t well understood. Brilliant industrial design is useless without a commercial market to support it.

Whether you are a new entrepreneur or are leading the R&D team at a Fortune 100 company, you must be able to define your opportunity, determine the viability of your idea, and provide the proof-of-concept necessary to secure funding and resources.

Creation Design Services can help you mitigate risk and improve your odds for success in early-stage product development.

Mitigate Your Risk

There are many risk factors in the process of designing and manufacturing complex products. This is particularly true for mission-critical and life-sustaining applications.

And for highly regulated industries such as healthcare, market and user research is crucial for commercial viability and FDA approval.

Identify and mitigate your risk as early as possible in the process.

Creation Design Services has decades of experience working with scientists and research specialists, business stakeholders and end users to obtain accurate requirements and market data, and to present you with a clear analysis of the situation.

Move Forward with Confidence

Move forward with confidence. In addition to market research, Creation’s designers, engineers and project leaders will provide you with the technical data and breakeven analysis that enables you to make the best decisions for your business.

Based on your business strategy and product complexity, we’ll help you construct a realistic project timeline and define your requirements.

We’ll guide you through a structured decision-making process, so you can make key decisions in a timely manner.

Our knowledgeable approach will help you avoid throwing resources at the wrong ideas, costly changes, significant delays and outright project failure.

As Much (or as Little) as You Need

As with all of Creation Technologies’ services, our involvement in early-stage design and development can be as extensive as you need.

If you need support in Product Strategy, we can help you with anything from basic guidance to a detailed business case with situation, cost and competitive analysis and recommendations.

Our Expert Design Team Can Lend a Hand. Contact Us Today.

30+ Years of Product Strategy: Evaluating Markets & End Customers and Defining Profitability Targets

Concept and Feasibility

How can Creation Technologies’ Product Development capabilities help you supplement your own team?

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