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Quick facts

Joined creation in May 2020

33,460 Sq. Feet

3 SMT lines employees

+10,000 sq. ft. offsite warehouse SEM LINES

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Boulevard Garcia Morales 257 1B C.P. 83210 Interior Parque Industrial Labor Colonia El Llano Hermosillo
Sonora, Mexico
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Phone Number: (877) 734-7456
Our Hours
MON-FRI: 9:00am – 5:00pm
SAT-SUN: Closed
Site Leader
Arnulfo Manriquez

Quick facts

33,460 Sq. Feet

3 SMT lines

+10,000 sq. ft. offsite warehouse

Automated through-hole, ICT and functional test

ISO 9001:2012 , ISO 13485:2012 , UL

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