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Get the right balance between cost and customization with Creation’s global solutions

To achieve growth and profitability targets, OEMs need to find the right balance between cost and customization by re-thinking their outsourcing strategy.

For OEMs, intelligent product design is more critical than ever before. Other big keys to finding the cost-customization balance are emphasizing strategic supply chain and making regional strategy a core element of your outsourcing criteria.

Through a combination of off-shoring, on-shoring and near-shoring, Creation’s global outsourcing model provides our OEM customers with the best value solution for their unique needs.

Maximize cost efficiency and market penetration with Creation’s Right-Shoring global manufacturing and supply model:

The Right Global Outsourcing Strategy

Leverage Creation’s global supply chain design and manufacturing expertise.
We’ll help you design the right outsourcing strategy for each of your products based on your risk tolerance for proven critical factors.

  • Location of end customers/markets
  • Time zone
  • Shipping costs and time
  • Import-export management
  • Product size and weight
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Communication and language
  • Sourcing strategy

An OEM’s global strategy for sourcing, procurement, manufacturing and after-market service plays a huge role in strategic cost reduction. Off-shoring, on-shoring, and near-shoring are all common terms in today’s supply networks.

At Creation we describe this global cost-risk strategy as ‘Right-Shoring’ – helping our customers determine best regional fit based on volume, expertise, technology, end market, and product and component characteristics.

Strategically Located Manufacturing Locations

Many of our customers choose Creation because their smart supply chain design aligns with our strategically located locations in four countries, including Mexico and China.

  • Strengthen your relationships: To optimize transportation costs and minimize lead times to your customers in the Midwest, you might select a Creation business unit in Milwaukee.
  • Penetrate new markets: Reach new customers in China, for example, with Creation’s established manufacturing business unit in Changzhou that understands market conditions and cultural influences.
  • Optimize your cost and distribution models over the product lifecycle: You could have Creation design and provide rapid prototyping in Denver, for instance, and then sit back as we manage the manufacturing transfer to full-volume production in Creation’s Mexico business unit.

Learn more about our Manufacturing Transfer team that specializes in making sure each transition is rapid and smooth.

Get an outsourcing program that’s customized for you – work with an EMS provider who tailors inventory and delivery programs specifically to your needs. It starts with the upstream supply chain and a model that’s customer-centric, not commodity-centric.

Risk Mitigation and Business Continuity

At Creation Technologies, not only do we solve problems for our customers, we work proactively to prevent problems arising.

Creation’s 14 manufacturing sites with common processes, single-instance ERP system and MES (Manufacturing Execution System), as well as our Vision Customer Portal provide you with built-in redundancy.

Get peace of mind and see the ease of doing business through a single-source supplier strategy.

No matter which of our manufacturing facilities around the world you partner with, your products are in good hands.

Leverage Creation’s Global NPI Expertise

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