Tips for Weight Loss & A Healthy Lifestyle

You may have read about our recent ‘Just Lose It’ Weight Loss challenge here in Milwaukee, aimed at helping to challenge people to lose weight and start living a healthier lifestyle. We’d like to share a success story!

Josh, one of our assemblers, actually started his weight loss journey a few months before we started ours together at Creation. He is getting married soon (please feel free to congratulate him in the Comments below!) and, in preparation for his upcoming wedding, has already lost 33lbs!

Josh, now a local hero, agreed to step in front of the camera and share some of his thoughts about living a healthy lifestyle and offer some weight-loss tips that everyone can use.

Play the video below to hear Josh’s “Healthy Tips, Healthier Me!”

What are some of the challenges you’ve had, or have seen other people have on a weight loss journey? What are some of your tips to get, and stay, motivated?

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