Sean Priddy

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Sean Priddy

Sean has always been excited by technology, but especially by computers. Growing up he spent hours and hours developing games for his Commodore 64…in assembly.

He has two degrees in computer engineering, a bachelors degree from Michigan State and a masters degree from University of South Carolina.

His first job out of school was as a support engineer for AT&T/NCR PC division where he resolved critical issues for worldwide customers.

For the first part of his career, he was a software engineer who developed code in diverse environments such as PC BIOS, embedded software, and Windows applications.

Midway through his career, he gravitated back to a more customer focused role in business development. With a gift for translating between engineers and business people, he is able to help them deliver the best products possible.

What is your Fantasy Title Role? Owner of a Southern BBQ establishment.

Best Books Ever: Blue Ocean Strategy

Hidden Talent: I’ve become a quite the auto mechanic after owning a 1997 BMW M3 and 2000 BMW 540i. BTW – Old BMWs need LOTS of work.

Lesser known fact: Normally, I’m very easy going, but not in the kitchen. In the kitchen, I’m a control freak, and I do not want your help. I relentlessly perfect recipes and techniques, and then hound my family for candid feedback after each meal.

One of my favorite quotes: “To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.” -St. Thomas Aquinas

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