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charlie-ketelhohnCharlie has always had a passion for science and invention…in spite of an early family trip to study Henry Ford and Thomas Edison at Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan. While contemplating the complexities of early 1900s factory machinery, 5-year old Charlie was the victim of a savage goose assault on his posterior. Adding insult to injury, the goose also took off with his ice cream cone. (We won’t mention his parents’ consoling laughter).

In spite of this setback Charlie continued his scientific pursuits, studying Biomedical Engineering at Marquette University and beginning his career at the renowned Marquette Electronics. Today, Charlie brings his engineering acumen to Creation Technologies as a Product Development Specialist for Creation Design Services.

Charlie has designed defibrillators, electrocardiographs, surgical cuff inflators, speedometers, rev limiters, treadmills, LED lighting controls and many other devices. In the process, he counts himself fortunate to have met many people across diverse industries, which has fueled his passion to learn.

His role in consultative sales has enabled him to live true to one of his favorite quotations made by Woodrow Wilson, “I use, not only all the brains I have, but all those I can borrow.”

Charlie also loves to give back, and one of his favorite ways to spend his time is teaching basic electronics and optics to 4th and 5th graders. As he watches the kids’ glee in seeing sparks shoot through the air from high-voltage power supplies, he hopes they’ll love science and invention just as much as he does.

But hopefully without the goose bites!

First job? At the Larry Lynn Toy Store – I worked in the stock-room and helped deliver and set up baby furniture.

Best Books Ever: Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln by Doris Kearns Goodwin, or anything by Rick Riordin. I read a lot, mostly historical non-fiction…but I try to keep up with all the teen fiction my three daughters love to read!

Lesser Known Fact: I do some of my best thinking in a busy place like a sports pub, and play tennis, bar-league volleyball and am an avid downhill skier. And I’ll take a road trip anywhere!

Hidden Talents?: I love to cook, I have baked custom cakes for my daughters like one that looked exactly like a pumpkin for an October 18th birthday.

Most Rewarding Career Experience: Seeing my customers’ successes stories, attaining joint patents with them, and knowing that my efforts to understand their unique situations were worth it.

Hero: My daughter Kate. At age 11 she’s had 38 surgeries so far with multiple amputations, but there is no stopping her. She has a tremendous spirit. I never feel sorry for myself!

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