COVID-19 Response

What is unique about COVID-19

  • The virus primarily spreads between people in a way similar to influenza, via respiratory droplets from coughing or sneezing
  • The transmission rate is estimated to be 3x that of the flu
  • The time between exposure and symptom onset is typically five days but may range from two to fourteen days.
  • Unlike influenza, COVID-19 can be transmitted by an individual who is pre-symptomatic

This looks to be the a long lasting and rapidly accelerating situation Our Focus:

  • Our employees – we continue to do everything we can to protect the health of our employees
  • Business continuity – our customers, their customers, our employees, their families etc. all rely on Creation
  • Our communities – their health and wellbeing are important to our employees
  • The broader social responsibility – we are a responsible company with 3,000 employees. How we manage ourselves during this period can help mitigate the spread of the virus and lessen the burden on our medical systems

Creation Facilities

We will create SOCIAL DISTANCE by having manufacturing shifts separated by 30 mins at minimum

  • At the end of each shift, employees spend 10 minutes cleaning workbench, work station etc.
  • Employees leave the facility as normal
  • Each shift arrives at least 30 mins AFTER the previous shift to avoid interaction in common areas
    • At the end of shift, SMT operators clean down the controls for the machine and ‘step back’
    • The next SMT operator ‘steps forward’ and resumes running the machine
    • The two operators will avoid being within 2 meters / 6 feet of each other
    • Teams separated into alternate Gold and Silver Teams working from home as needed based on local rates of transmission

COVID-19 is primarily spread through micro-droplets transmitted in the air when in infected individual exhales, coughs or sneezes

  • Air filters are replaced according to the schedule
  • Each Business Unit examining upgrading the filter media
  • Increase the air circulation frequency in our more highly populated areas where possible
  • Increase the mix of fresh air (vs recirculated air) brought into the manufacturing and office areas
  • Open doors and windows where practical
  • Every Creation facility has developed a rigorous cleaning regime for all desks, workspaces and common areas.
  • Workstations that are shared by multiple team members are cleaned on handover
  • Common areas and commonly touched surfaces are cleaned at least twice a day
  • Hand sanitizer is available close to commonly touched apparatus
  • Team members are asked to clean lunch tables thoroughly before and after eating

Team members are asked not to congregate in groups

  • Stagger breaks in Manufacturing so the lunch room is sparsely populated
  • Team members to spread out in the lunch room – no more than 2 people at a table
  • Office team members are asked to each lunch at their desk, or outside
  • Avoid meetings – telepresence used as preferred method of communication

Employees have been advised to stay at home when feeling sick, even with mild symptoms, and to notify their local People & Culture leader

  • Employees advised that if coughs or sneezes combined with a high temperature are present, you are sick and should stay home.
    • Check your temperature at least twice a day
    • Call your doctor’s office
    • In the US, call your healthcare providers ‘tele-medicine’ line

Customer / Supplier / Employee Meetings

  • Business Unit General Managers must individually approve any travel by their Creation Team Members to a Customer or Supplier location
  • We are asking for a freeze on all visitation to our Business Units, replacing with teleconference communication until further notice
    • Business Unit General Managers must individually approve any visitors from Customers or Suppliers to their Creation facility, however, approvals will be reserved only for critical cases
  • Our Creation Team Members have been instructed to avoid congregating in meeting rooms where possible. For example, if it’s an ‘information sharing’ meeting, participants can all connect by Skype from their desks

Travel Restrictions

  • All Creation business travel is banned until further notice
    • Exceptions can only be authorized by an EVP or Direct Report to the CEO

Travel Related Quarantine

  • Any employee returning from a country classified with a CDC Level 3 Travel Health Notice should immediately self-quarantine and notify P&C
    • China, Iran, South Korea, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Monaco, San Marino, Vatican City

Our Values

  • A time like this can be a stressful time for people and communities
  • The fear and anxiety about the disease can lead to social stigma toward people or places
  • The spread of rumors should be avoided
  • We have zero tolerance to discrimination and harassment:
    • People being inappropriately associated with COVID-19
    • Discrimination based on race and origin
    • Rumors around people who have returned from travels
  • If any of our employees are anxious, they have been invited to talk to their P&C leaders, who will put them in touch with Employee Assistance Program resources that provide one-to-one support

We are in unprecedented times. The situation is changing rapidly.

Each of our Business units have implemented the guidelines discussed, which we believe will

  • Slow the spread of the virus
  • Strengthen our business continuity so we can better serve our customers
  • Better protect our customers, employees, their families and communities
  • Lessen the burden on our healthcare systems and resources

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