Are Innovation and Collaboration Inherently Linked?

Creation Technologies President and CEO at MEDTECH 2015

How are solution providers like Creation Technologies innovating to drive long-term growth and success as companies, and as business leaders in manufacturing and the high-tech … Read more

Risk and Mindshare (And Other Key Factors in OEM-EMS Relationships)

Over the course of my 30 years in the electronics industry, I’ve come to realize that there are other key factors in OEM-EMS relationships if they’re going to have staying power. Here are 3 of them.

Welcome to the Creation Blog!

Over the last year, I’ve really come to appreciate the power of social media. With the launch of my personal blog (which you can find by clicking the link in the sidebar) and through the use of platforms like Facebook and Twitter, I’ve had unique opportunities to share my experiences and learn from others…

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