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Successful Weight Loss Challenge – We Lost It!

Weight Loss Challenge Winners

Creation – Milwaukee’s amazing Weight Loss Challenge Winners:
Jaime Miron, Alicia Frosh and Nydia Munoz lost an amazing 6.6% combined weight.

When we rolled out our Weight Loss Challenge in Creation’s Milwaukee business unit a few months ago, we really didn’t know what to expect.

Over the last decade, our People & Culture Team–that’s ‘Human Resources’, in most companies–has worked really hard to offer as much support at work as we can to make living a healthy lifestyle easy and fun. It’s been really inspiring to watch as more and more people have gotten interested, then involved, then committed.

So personally I was optimistic about the challenge, but I have to say, I really had no idea what was coming!

Thinking back to the beginning, it’s hard to believe that our first Weigh-In was over 11 weeks ago. (Yes, we took some of our inspiration from The Biggest Loser). Since then, we’ve pushed, encouraged, challenged, and held each other accountable. And the results are in!

Team Support

If you read the first post, Weight Loss Challenge – Just Lose It!, you’ll know that we organized ourselves into small teams. (Small teams are proven to be effective, offering an intimate environment for personal support. To read more, see this study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition: Role of social support in lifestyle-focused weight management interventions).

Our teams with the highest percentage of weight loss were the winners.

I couldn’t have imagined we’d do so well as a team. It makes my personal achievement that much better to know that I did it with friends and teammates, and that we all helped each other succeed.

I know that sounds pretty warm and fuzzy, but talk about an ultimate team-building experience! I’ve come through this a better person inside and out, and I have my teammates to thank for that.

The Final Weigh-In…

The ‘Just Lose It’ weight loss challenge was over, and the winners of the weight-losers decided, so all that was left was figuring out when to make the announcement. Why not at our Spring Wellness Walk, one of the first Creation-wide Wellness traditions and started here in Milwaukee?

Workplace Wellness Walk

Spring Wellness Walk near Creation – Milwaukee in Oak Creek, WI

Everyone gathered together. Drum roll, please….

‘Las Muchachas’ took 1st place. Jaime Miron, Alicia Frosh and Nydia Munoz lost an amazing 6.6% combined weight.

Omar Velez and Andres Chaves in ‘Team 9’ took 2nd spot with a staggering 4.8% weight loss.

Weight Loss Challenge Winners

Omar Velez and Andres Chaves achieved a staggering 4.8% weight loss

And, (this is where I get to brag a bit), I’m pleased to say that my team ‘Wasting Away in Creation-ville’ with Heather Ohlinger, Bridgette Yang, Phoua Yang, Ron Rutowski and myself came in 3rd with a 4.7% weight-loss figure.

Honorable Mention went to Marcus Daniels with an individual 12% total weight loss!

So here’s the really amazing number, and the one I wasn’t prepared for…

As a group, we lost 474.35 pounds! Yes, 474.35 pounds.

So here’s the thing. You can do it, too.

If you are thinking about a weight loss challenge of your own, either as part of a Workplace Health and Wellness program or because you’re just trying to get healthy personally, maybe our story can help motivate and get people on board.

Losing weight can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be an awful experience. Draw on your own passion to get healthy, and challenge your teammates and coworkers to join in.

You never know where it might lead, but it just might be an unexpected 475 pounds towards a healthier lifestyle!

Looking for some Workplace Weight Loss Challenge Ideas of your own? Read our earlier posts or try a 30-day weight loss challenge to start the ball rolling.

What Workplace Wellness Weight Loss Tips can you offer?

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