Introducing Our New Video Series: The Conflict Minerals Effect

Supply chain awareness is critical for OEMs. Especially when the raw materials used to make their electronic products might have ties to terrorist groups and human rights abuses in Central Africa.

I recently had an opportunity to talk about this complicated social and economic issue, and am excited to announce a new three-part video series on the effect of conflict minerals on the EMS industry.

In the first installment, I talk about the controversy surrounding conflict minerals and the legislation put in place that aims to address it.

The Conflict Minerals Effect: Part 1 – The Origin

Understanding the origin of raw materials is not only important from a corporate responsibility standpoint, but for all publically traded companies in the United States, it is actually required by law. Under the Dodd-Frank Act, companies filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are required to determine whether the minerals used came from the DRC or nine adjoining countries.

And the topic of Conflict Minerals continues to make headlines.

A few weeks ago the EU announced the framework for its own legislation, and new levels of cooperation between the US and China are being announced.

We hope our Conflict Minerals Effect video series provides you with a good overview of the increased focus on emerging legislation, its rigorous requirements, and its global business impact.

Enjoy Part 1!



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