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Janelle Urchenko

Janelle Urchenko

Communications and Creative Director

janelle-urchenkoLike many, Janelle spent her formative years believing that ‘career choice’ meant limiting your interests.  These days, she knows better.

She’d like all young (and not-so-young) people to know that it is indeed possible to make a living by splitting your time between right and left-brain action. Just try throwing key ingredients into a pot! Engineering, communications and visual arts can make for a very nice stew.

Janelle spends a good deal of time thinking about effective communication and value, and believes that the best companies seize the opportunities at the intersection of marketing ethics, brand integrity and the needs and desires of their customers and people. She’s passionate about ‘new marketing’, continuous improvement and philanthropy.

Janelle is also proud to live on the rainy West Coast. (Just ask her). She has the travel bug, which is most certainly the by-product of spending many childhood afternoons with the tigers, volcanoes and samurai on the pages of National Geographic. She is an avid shoe-shopper, and loves Food Network, photography, and any organization involved in animal rescue.

First Job: Teaching ballet and jazz to people not much higher than my knee. (Which is really saying something since, if you’ve met me, you know I’m not exactly tall).

Best Part of the Job: No day is ever like the next.

Best Books Ever: Anything by Roald Dahl, Seth Godin, Agatha Christie, T.S. Elliot. And I had a brief but very passionate fling with Dostoyevsky. But if I had to name but one, I think Long Walk To Freedom, the autobiography of Nelson Mandela, is the best book I’ve ever read.

Favourite Way to Relax: Cooking. And hockey. Hands down.

One of My Favourite Quotes: “Never laugh at live dragons.” ~J.R.R. Tolkien

Janelle's Posts

MD&M West: Join Us in Anaheim at the World’s Largest Medical Design & Manufacturing Event!

What are you doing February 12-14, 2013? How about coming by to visit with people from Creation’s manufacturing and design teams at Booth 1463 at MD&M West!?

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Happy Earth Day!

I bet my mom still has the thickly bound project I turned in for a grade 8 assignment on acid rain. I can remember the cover clearly; “It’s Raining Cats and Dogs”, it said…

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The Changing Medical Devices Landscape: Compliance & Social Media

One of Creation Technologies’ fastest growing segments is Medical Devices, and it’s an extremely exciting one in terms of compliance and innovation.

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A “Best-Kept Secret” Enters the Spotlight

When I came into the office this morning I was immediately approached by several people… Had I heard The Early Edition with Rick Cluff this morning on my drive to work?

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“Why Did You Become A…?” A Series on Inspiration & Motivation

“Why Did You Become A…?” was a question posed by Design News. We posed it at Creation too, and here’s our first story from Perry Nader, our Supply Chain Leader in Dallas.

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Creation Technologies is Proud to Partner with Uplogix!

One of the best things about Creation is our customers. We’re proud to work with such amazing companies and such amazing people.

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Success & The Transformation of MedTech

No matter your political opinion of the changes underway in the MedTech industry, one thing is clear: just as it already has, change is gonna come.

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10 Things You Need to Know about Manufacturing FDA-Approved Medical Devices

Manufacturing FDA-approved medical devices requires preparation, expertise and commitment. Here are three considerations when evaluating your process.

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US Dept of Commerce Conference: Key EU Environmental Updates

Do you sell Electrical & Electronic Equipment, including Medical devices, into the EU and need to understand environmental legislation and its changing scope?

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Proud to Build CardeaScreen’s Life-Saving Medical Device

At Creation, a core element of our Purpose is enriching lives. Some days, we even get to save them.

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Smart Manufacturing for Smart Lighting Systems

Smart Lighting Systems require Smart Manufacturing Solutions. Did you know? Lighting consumes almost 20% of the world’s electricity demand.

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Flexible Inventory and Supply Models

Digital Imaging Re-Images the Future

Digital Imaging Re-Images the Future: Imaging equipment designers are finding ways to leverage advancements in M2M and communications infrastructure to improve customer experiences.

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Innovation Challenge for Medical Device OEMs: Creation Technologies Bhawnesh Mathur

The Innovation Challenge: Creation Article in Medical Design Technology

When it comes to medical devices, the subject of innovation is very complex. With drivers like government spending, a complicated regulatory landscape, the Internet of Everything and the personalized patient experience, there’s a lot to talk about. It’s no wonder that MEDTECH 2015 features a panel of experts discussing Manufacturing Innovation! We’re excited that Creation’s

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MedTech's Jessica Crawford Interview with Creation Technologies

Innovation, Influence and Impact: An Interview with MedTech’s Jessica Crawford

I had an opportunity to catch up with Jessica Crawford, President of New York-based MedTech, heading into the week of MEDTECH 2015. Jessica and I discussed today’s most significant opportunities and business challenges for bioscience and medical technology OEMs.   Janelle Urchenko: Tell us more about the origins of MedTech. I understand it grew from

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Creation Technologies President and CEO at MEDTECH 2015

Are Innovation and Collaboration Inherently Linked?

How are solution providers like Creation Technologies innovating to drive long-term growth and success as companies, and as business leaders in manufacturing and the high-tech sector? Collaboration plays a defining role. Bhawnesh Mathur, Creation’s President and CEO, recently shared his thoughts on collaboration throughout the business ecosystem on the Manufacturing Innovation panel on the Strategy

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MedTech President Jessica Crawford and Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul kick off New York MedTech Week

New York Impact & Women Leaders in Medical: An Interview with MedTech’s Jessica Crawford

I had an opportunity to catch up again with Jessica Crawford, President of New York-based MedTech, connecting bioscience, pharmaceutical and medical technology companies. Jessica and I discussed the success of the inaugural New York Medtech Week, the amazing innovation in New York State, and the upcoming MEDTECH 2016 conference.   The Inaugural New York Medtech

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How to Avoid Hidden Costs and Delays in the Product Design-to-Commercialization Cycle: Creation Technologies Technical Workshop at PCB West

Tips for Engineers to Avoid Hidden Development Costs and Delays

I have yet to meet an engineer who enjoys seeing costs pile up during the design and development process. And unexpected costs are definitely unwelcome visitors in the drive for product commercialization. If you’d like some new, actionable ideas for getting a new product to market quickly and without those unexpected, expensive guests, here’s a

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For OEMs, switching your manufacturing solution is not as simple as switching your cable provider. Whether you build in-house or are using a contract manufacturer (CM), transferring a family of products to a new facility or partner can be a very complex, time-consuming, and expensive process. With so many factors to consider – from cost

Manufacturing facility design is like puzzle-solving, where managing space and operational efficiencies can pose a challenge – especially during periods of growth. Do we carve out more manufacturing space within our existing facility? Do we acquire more manufacturing space? Or do we continue to find new ways to optimize existing product flow? At Creation, the